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Diamond Gloss #C-16

Diamond Gloss #C-16
Diamond Gloss #C-16
Diamond Gloss #C-16
Diamond Gloss #C-16
Diamond Gloss #C-16
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  • Model: 3030DG16

Diamond Gloss - This is a neon color *

Our newest ONE STEP GEL has arrived and you're going to love it!

Made of Natural Resin, our ONE STEP GEL requires NO Basecoat, NO Topcoat, & NO Cleansing!

PLUS! For a chemical free removal, you now have the healthy option of removing our gel easily with warm-hot water! * See details below.

Available in 100 gorgeous colors ranging from pretty pastels to stunning leaf glitter hues, vibrant neons & stunning cremes.


  • One Step Gel - No Basecoat, Topcoat *, or Cleansing needed.
  • Soaks-off with acetone like our normal gel polish (5 minutes or less!)
  • Soaks-Off in WARM-HOT Water! (Water must be 95-100 degrees fahrenheit & must be soaked for 15+ minutes). This option is ideal for clients who want a chemical free removal. Please Note: Diamond Gloss WILL NOT come off with normal day to day activities. Our gel is formulated to adhere to the nail like a normal long-lasting gel polish. 
  • Both LED/UV Cure | Cures in 1 min LED / 2 minutes UV
  • 0.42 fl oz | 12mL
  • Available in 100 stunning colors


Shake well before use. Prepare nails before application. For best results, cure for 1 minute with an LED lamp or 2 minutes with a UV lamp. Use 2 layers for best coverage. * Finish with a topcoat for a long-lasting shine and extra protection.

* Free of Lead, Cadmium, Antimomy, Mercury, Dissolution of Nickel & Pesticide residue *

* All international orders will have an additional 10% added to their total *

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