Foil Transfer Gel Set 

This Foil Transfer Gel Set comes with 1 Foil Transfer Gel, 1 PolyShine Top Gel and a HUGE 68pc assortment of foils/patterns.

Our Foil Transfer Gel allows you to quickly create gorgeous nail art in 4 simple steps! (See details below!)

Includes holographic foils, floral patterns, animal prints and MORE!


  • 1 Foil Transfer Gel
  • 1 PolyShine No Cleanse Top Gel
  • 68 pcs of assorted foils/patterns (EACH SET INCLUDES THE SAME FOILS/PATTERNS).

     * Foils/Patterns cannot be changed or handpicked.


  • Easy Soak-Off
  • LED/UV Cure


1) Apply 1 layer of Foil Transfer Gel onto the nail.

2) Cure for 1 minute in an LED/UV Lamp.

3) Apply your choice of foils/patterns. Be sure to firmly press the design onto the entire nail.

4) Remove the foil. Seal with your favorite top gel and cure.

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Foil Transfer Gel Set

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