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About Us

Christine Le, the founder of CHRISTRIO Nail Products, has been in the industry for over 25 years and has the ability to understand and identify with nail technicians all over the world. From the U.S. to Europe and Asia, she has dedicated her life to educating nail technicians and business owners.

CHRISTRIO was developed to make nail products less complicated and to promote profitable and successful businesses. With the combination of owning multiple salons and leading a rapidly growing manufacturing company, Christine is able to understand the needs and concerns of her customers. She constantly strives to create new and innovative products to contribute to the nail industry.

Christine has a natural talent for inventing incomparable nail art with everything from 3-D gel butterflies to incredible acrylic floral meadows. Not only does she want to make a difference in the world of nails, but she supports her local community and charities.

After 17 years of owning and working in salons, Christine was determined to create products that would make her life and her associates lives easier. She was tired of using products that turned yellow and very exhausted by complicated gel systems.
Voila! CHRISTRIO was born in January of 1998.